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the clinic, the team and his experience.

A quick overview behind the scenes of the success of Sheynste.

Sheynste, the clinic.

When you arrive to Sheynste Aesthetics Clinic, you have stepped into an extremely unique facility. Unlike other cosmetic institutions that offer both surgical and nonsurgical treatment, we focus just on nonsurgical methods in order to help our patients to achieve their cosmetic goals. From routine facials to comprehensive other treatments, everything you need is under one roof.

Sheynste Aesthetics Clinic was established by Menahem Alexander with his wife Dr. Hanna Alexander. At Sheynste Clinic, our goal is to provide exceptional care in a comfortable, low-stress medical environment. Dr. Hanna Alexander offers many of today’s most popular cosmetic treatments, such as Botox®, dermal fillers, Restylane®, Stylage®, and others. Incorporating cutting-edge techniques, high standards for safety and efficacy, and congenial individualized care, our staff have the advanced skills to offer you high-quality service at every stage of your treatment plan. At Sheynste Medical Aesthetics, we first want to fully understand your condition and goals. This not only gives us the knowledge necessary to create your treatment plan but it also allows us to educate you on various treatment options. We believe the success to any treatment is a collaborative effort between the patient and our professional staff. By focusing only on nonsurgical treatment, we know how to do it right. Your treatment is overseen by a team that has worked in the nonsurgical cosmetic industry for decades. With that being said, we have every reason to believe that you won’t find a more exceptional group to provide you the excellence you deserve. Overseen by his esteemed doctor, the Sheynste Medical Aesthetics Clinic offers what other cosmetic centers cannot—a focused approach to nonsurgical techniques that helps patients to restore their youth, add glow to their skin or find an overall refreshed appearance. With among the most effective Aesthetic Clinic Israel has to offer, Sheynste helps countless people look their best.

Dr. Hanna Alexander - Medical Director

Dr. Hanna Alexander, board-certified family MD and Medical Aesthetician.
Dr. Hanna Alexander has had a long standing interest in skincare and anti-aging. After years of studies and trainings, Dr. Alexander began to provide services to her clients. She insists on offering treatments that are recognized and proven only. Dr. Alexander’s experience has been truly translated into results and all injections of BOTOX and fillers are done by Dr. Hanna Alexander only.


Menahem Alexander - Founder & Manager

Design and Beauty! Menahem Alexander, hold a Bachelor Diploma in Art and design and Economic’s, he has always been passionate for the meaning of beauty and aesthetics. After Menahem has been a Creative Director in various International companies since 2006, he decided to create with his spouse Sheynste. Menahem works closely with the Doctor to ensure each patient has the best experience, he oversees the clinic’s development and participate in ongoing trainings and consults with top aesthetic offices to model best practices.


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Why to choose Sheynste?

Each person is different! Even if the patients will request for the same treatment the Doctor will suggest the most suitable treatment for each patient. In addition, the Doctor will strongly discourage the patient from wishing a result that will not adapt to the patient himself.

With her strong experience of over 10 years in the industry of skin care and cosmetic treatments, Dr. Hanna Alexander advises on a daily basis which skin care products to be used based on the skin type of each patient.

Like any other field and particularly in the medicine world, the techniques and products are being updated almost everyday. The doctor participates in all major congresses and trade shows in Israel and all over the world in order to be always up to date on the best treatments.