Our Consultations process & FAQ

How to be ready for the first consultation and what to expect.

The First Consultation

The purpose of the consultation is to understand your goals and develop a treatment plan that will suit you the best. During your initial consultation we will get to know you, your lifestyle, your skin type and cosmetic goals. Depend on the schedule some treatments can be performed at the time of consultation if no preparation is required. For treatments that require any kind of preparation, we will schedule a separate appointment on your convenience.

During your initial consultation and based on all the information she gathered together, the doctor will create a personal rejuvenation program that is completely unique to you with optimal results. Once this step is complete, the first appointment is set for your treatment.

You will take your comprehensive treatment plan home so you can refer to it if you need to, the plan will most likely include some preparations to do before the treatment. If you have any questions or concerns that arise prior to your treatment, we will be there for you. In every step of the process. Contact our office today to schedule your initial consultation.


Your first time in Sheynste


As a new patient, you will need to fill out some forms prior to your initial appointment. Patient forms are available here. If you do not wish to complete forms prior to your appointment, please arrive 15 minutes prior to your consultation to complete the forms.


In addition to the forms which you can download below, to your first appointment please bring a Photo ID, a form of payment, a complete list of medications you are currently taking and be prepared to provide a full medical/surgical history.


In your consultation, you and our MD will first discuss about your goals and concerns. Dr. Hanna Alexander will then offer you the best treatment for you and will provide a customized comprehensive treatment plan to you.

Patient Forms to download

  • If you have any concern with your appearance and you would like to change or enhance it, nonsurgical treatments may be a great alternative that can still deliver the results you’re looking for. The advantage of nonsurgical treatments is that they drastically reduce downtime with little to no discomfort compared to surgical procedures. For individuals who wish to avoid or delay surgical procedures, our Doctor at the Sheynste Aesthetics Clinic will develop with you a treatment plan to meet your goals.

  • The permanence of your treatment depends on the type of procedure you receive. As an example, facial fillers may last up to one year, while certain types of laser resurfacing can last as long as three years. The bottom line is our treatment cannot stop the aging process, but it can certainly maintain a youthful appearance. We are committed to help you get the most lasting results as possible.

  • Pain is subjective, but for the most part nonsurgical treatments are comfortable. For treatments where discomfort is anticipated, our practitioners will do their best to make your experience more pleasurable.

  • In order to help our patients achieving their cosmetic goals, we offer a broad variety of nonsurgical cosmetic procedures that can correct most skin conditions. While there are literally hundreds of nonsurgical cosmetic procedures, we have taken the time to select only the very best technology and devices to help you overcome any cosmetic issue. We don’t want you to become confused by the complex world of cosmetic care, so we will guide you to find the perfect treatment options for you.
    For the complete list of our treatments, please visit our Treatments page.

  • In order to ensure that your treatment addresses you properly, your first step is a comprehensive consultation with our Doctor. During this time, our Doctor will get a complete grasp of your cosmetic goals, lifestyle and anything else about you that is relevant to your successful cosmetic treatment.

  • The consultation time is devoted to understanding your goals and determine an appropriate treatment plan. Depend on the schedule, some treatments can be performed during the consultation if no preparation is required. For treatments that require any kind of preparation, we will schedule a separate appointment on your convenience.

  • The duration of our comprehensive consultations is 30 minutes, can be more depend of the complexity of the case. There are various promotions or discounts that are continually offered and therefore we recommend to contact us..

Have additional questions?

Share your questions with us on the phone +972 54 669 50 34 or by email to drhanna@sheynste.com.